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The English Mastiff is a GIANT breed and one of the oldest breeds in the UK.  They are as fit for function and fit for purpose as any other breed - substance supports their size. 

The Mastiff is listed by the Kennel Club as a Vulnerable British breed. In 2009 the KC recorded 252 registrations but by 2018 the number had decreased by 43% to 143. Mastiff’s are currently listed as a Category Three breed. 

Find out what it’s like owning a Mastiff with two of the Club’s members, Diana Yemm and Mark Fox. Filmed by the www.naturallyhappydogs.com website.



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Sando's Puppies in a Basket.

Sando's Puppies in a Basket.


KC JCF Scheme on Immediate Hold - 7th June 2019

The KC has placed the planned implementation of the JCF scheme on immediate hold. They stated that whilst the implementation of the JCF remains on hold the traditional processes for approval of first-time appointments to judge breeds with Challenge Certificates, Groups and Best in Show will continue unchanged. For further details click here KC

Proceeds of Crime Hearing Held on 13th June 2019 – Stephen Pass

A Confiscation Order has been granted by the Court against Stephen Pass and he has been ordered to pay £110,940.55 to the OEMC within 3 months.

As the repayment is dependent on the sale of his house, and currently no offers have been made, it may take longer than 3 months. If this is the case Stephen Pass can return to court to request extra time.  The maximum extension the court could grant would be a further 3 months.

If Stephen Pass does not pay the compensation within the time specified the court can impose 12 months imprisonment.

The Mastiff is our most ancient breed and has been in the UK for around 2,000 years. The breed most likely arrived in England from Asia, brought in by the Phoenician traders and was predominantly used as a guard dog to protect livestock from the bears and wildlife that roamed the forests and woodlands of the country.  

When the Romans invaded England they were so impressed by their courage, size and strength that they took them back to Rome to fight Bears and Lions in the arena's.  Over the centuries the Mastiff continued to suffer from great cruelty.  Due to their characteristics they were used in wars and in Medieval times for much the same purposes as the Romans.

Historically, any giant breed was called a Mastiff, irrespective of type or colour, and it wasn’t until the breed standard was first published by ‘Stonehenge’ in 1859 that the points of the Mastiff were standardised. The standard does not allow for excessive amounts of White (‘Excessive white on body, chest or feet is unacceptable’).

The name Mastiff is believed to have derived from the French word Mastin meaning ‘watchdog’.

Ch. Canonbury Autobiography

Ch. Canonbury Autobiography

By the eighteenth century Mastiff’s were being used for guarding estates and were known for their courage, loyalty and protectiveness towards their owners whilst having gentle and placid temperaments making them great companions. 

Sydenham Edwards, a natural history illustrator, wrote in the Cynographia Britannica in 1800 'What  the Lion is to the Cat, the Mastiff is to the Dog, the noblest of the family; he stands alone, and all others sink before him'. 

If you are interested in sharing your life and home with a Mastiff please have a good look at our site and if you still think this is the breed for you, we hold an Open show in April and a Championship show in August and you would be more than welcome to come along and meet our beautiful breed and chat to their owners.

OEMC Ch. Show - 4th Aug 2019

With thanks to all exhibitors, sponsors, and of course our Judge, for making the Championship show such a special occasion this year.


New Champions so far - 2019

Collateral To The Future Bailey At Cyberus (IKC) - owned by Mr & Mrs Andrews, bred by Mr T Holohan

Mulaloo Midwinter Spirit (AI) - owned and bred by Mr & Mrs Harding

Oemc 2018 Mastiff Winners

Mastiff of the Year 2018 - Ch. Faynad Frankincense, owned and bred by Mr George Zadeh.

Best Dog 2018 - Ch. Faynad Frankincense, owned and bred by Mr George Zadeh.

Best Bitch 2018 - No outright winner.

Best Puppy - Mulaloo Midwinter Spirit, owned and bred by Mr & Mrs Harding