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In 2002 the first Old English Mastiff Club website was created by Lyn Say (Bulliff Mastiffs) in conjunction with a website design company locally based to her called TJS.  Using her knowledge and experience in breeding, owning and showing Mastiff’s Lyn wrote the majority of articles that you can read on this website today.  The guidelines on Puppy Line, such as rearing puppies, feeding Mastiffs and the ‘do’s and don’ts’ are full of common sense and especially worth reading.

Lyn subsequently retired but continued to assist Keith Dickinson (Mullak) who followed as the next editor. Dave McKevitt (Tyketarn) subsequently took over from Keith.

In April 2018 the editorship of the website passed from Dave McKevitt to Tracey Atkinson (Honeycroft). The now 16 year old website was difficult to update - only limited text could be added and no photos without referring to the website hosting company. There was no support contract with the website hosts and they stated the website needed to be updated with a secure https address at a cost of £250. If this work wasn’t completed by July 2018 visitors to the site would receive a message that the site was unsafe and not to visit.

The cost of hosting the site with the original company was £330 per year and another £300 for 5 Domain names, a total of £630 per year. Including the extra charge of £250 this would have been a cost to the club of £910 at a very difficult time in the Club’s history. The editor decided to look at other options and chose a self build website company, Squarespace. Using this company halved the costs to the club from £630 per year to £312.

The website was then re-built by the editor over the course of a 6 month period. Although the look of the site is different, the original information and articles remain and new articles and information have been added. Words highlighted in blue are links to other documents, websites or photo’s. 

The website is continuously 'under construction' and is regularly updated.  If you find any errors on this site or have a photo or information where currently there is a blank space then please contact the website editor at


The OEMC would like to thank the contributors to this website:  Dog World, Frank Garwood, Diana Pearce, Alan Walker, John Hartley and Roslin Williams for their photographic contributions.  April 18 Open show photo's:


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