The Mastiff Leagacy (TML)

The Mastiff Legacy is the newsletter of the old English Mastiff Club and is made possible thanks to the generosity of the late Mr Gordon Edwards who died in 1988.

The glossy newsletter of the OEMC was first published in 1996.  Originally called The Big Boys Own, the editor was Lyn Say (Bulliff Mastiffs) who took over editorship of the Club's newsletter from Miss Barbara Blackstone in 1994 and continued to edit the newsletter for 11 years until 2005.

In 2002 a decision was made by the committee to change the name and it became The Mastiff Legacy, well known as TML.  

In 2006 Richard Thomas produced one edition (no. 21) before emigrating to Spain.

In 2007 Tracey Atkinson (Honeycroft Mastiffs) became the editor and produced the newsletter for the next 10 years until 2017.

2018 onwards - Dave McKevitt (Tyketarn Mastiffs)