Statement From The President

16th November 2018

Further to the statement given to the members at the AGM held on the 29th April 18, we can now inform the membership that the case has been submitted to the CPS for a charging decision. The membership will be updated when we receive further information.

OEMC President and OEMC Treasurer

Further to my previous statement dated 6th December 2017.

The Annual General Meeting of the Old English Mastiff Club was held on Sunday 29th April 2018 at Bearley Village Hall. 

A fruitful and informative meeting was held with an opportunity for the members present to question the committee regarding their future aspirations. However this was constrained by a statement from Hampshire Constabulary.

The incident was reported to Yorkshire police on November 13th 2017, and Hampshire police received the report on January 25th 2018, where officers began an investigation.

A 63 year old man from Hampshire voluntarily attended a police station and was interviewed under caution in connection with this investigation.

Officers are continuing enquiries and it would not be appropriate to disclose further details at this stage while a live investigation is underway.

The KC have been informed from the onset, they are also aware that the decision not to present the accounts to the membership was done following the advice of the police as we are not as yet at liberty to disclose the amounts involved therefore would be unable to deliver an accurate statement to the membership, however this will be done at the earliest opportunity following advice from the police and the KC.  

Please be assured that the club will continue to function as normal and does remain financially secure. I will make further statements when the opportunity becomes available.

The chair called for a vote of thanks for Mr & Mrs McKevitt and Mr & Mrs Cook and the committee for all the time and hard work that they had done preparing material to assist the police investigation. 

All in favour.

John Rischmiller President and Press Officer