Head and Skull

Skull broad between ears, forehead flat, but wrinkled when attention is excited.

Brows (superciliary ridges) slightly raised.

Muscles of temples and cheeks (temporal and masseter) well developed.

Arch across skull of a flattened curve, with depression up centre of forehead from median line between eyes, to halfway up sagittal suture.

Muzzle short, broad under eyes, and keeping nearly parallel in width to end of nose; truncated, i.e. blunt and cut off squarely, thus forming a right angle with upper line of face, of great depth from point of nose to under-jaw. Under-jaw broad to end.

Nose broad, with widely spreading nostrils when viewed from front, flat (not pointed or turned up) in profile.

Lips diverging at obtuse angles with septum, and slightly pendulous so as to show a square profile.

Length of muzzle to whole head and face as 1 : 3.

Circumference of muzzle (measured mid-way between eyes and nose) to that of head (measured before the ears) as 3 : 5.  

Whilst in repose, any exaggeration of wrinkle or excess of loose skin is unacceptable in mature adults.