Ch Show Calendar 2019

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Date Show Judge Website

20 Jan 19 Manchester Dog Show Mrs Sue Searle Entries closed

23-Feb-19 Mastiff Association Mr Colin Hill Closing date: Thursday 31st January 19 (postmark). Online: Thursday 7th Feb 19 ‘till midnight.

8th March 19 Crufts (Hall 5, ring 28) Mr K R Newhouse (schedule) Closing date: Monday 7th January 2019 postmark. Online: Monday 21st January 2019

9th May 19 Birmingham Dog Show Mrs Ann-Marie Class Closing date: Sat 16th March 19 (postmark). Online: 12 noon Thurs 28th March 19

18 May-19 The Scottish Kennel Club Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews
Postal entries: Tues 26th March 19 (postmark). Online by midnight on Tues 2nd April 19

25 May-19 Bath Canine Society   Mr Jeff Luscott Closing date: Sat 16th March 19 (postmark). Online: 12 noon Thurs 28th March 19

23 June 19 Blackpool & District Canine Society Mr L M Pinto Teixeira (Portugal) Postal entries close 1 May 2019 (postmark)  Online by midnight 8 May 2019

28-Jun-19 Windsor Dog Show Mrs Pamela Jeans Brown

05-Jul-19 East of England Agricultural Society Miss M Sargent    

13 July 19 National Working & Pastoral Breeds Dog Society    

26 July 19 Leeds City & District Canine Association

4th Aug 19 Old English Mastiff Club Mr Bjarke Sabroe  

17 Aug 19 Welsh Kennel Club      

14 Sept 19 Darlington Dog Show Society      

19 Sept 19 Driffield Agricultural Society      

27 Oct 19   Midland Counties

2 Nov 19 Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Scotland

15 Dec 19 Ladies Kennel Association