Ch Show Calendar 2019

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Date Show Judge Website

20 Jan 19 Manchester Dog Show Mrs Sue Searle

23-Feb-19 Mastiff Association Mr Colin Hill

8th March 19 Crufts (Hall 5, ring 28) Mr K R Newhouse

9th May 19 Birmingham Dog Show Mrs Ann-Marie Class

18 May-19 The Scottish Kennel Club Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews

25 May-19 Bath Canine Society. Judge: Mr Jeff Luscott

23 June 19 Blackpool & District Canine Society. Judge: Mr L M Pinto Teixeira (Portugal)

28-Jun-19 Windsor Dog Show Judge: Mrs Pamela Jeans Brown

05-Jul-19 East of England Agricultural Society Ms Marion Sargent

13 July 19 National Working & Pastoral Breeds Dog Society. Judge: Mr R C Kinsey

26 July 19 Leeds City & District Canine Association. Judge: Mr S Hall.

4th Aug 19 Old English Mastiff Club. Judge: Mr Bjarke Sabroe

17 Aug 19 Welsh Kennel Club. Judge: Mrs M Wildman

14 Sept 19 Darlington Dog Show Society. Judge: Mr Simon Andrews

19 Sept 19 Driffield Agricultural Society. Judge: Mr Chris Thomas

27 Oct 19   Midland Counties. Judge: Mrs Alison Collinson

2 Nov 19 Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Scotland. Mrs Hilary Cook Postal entries close on: 30/09/2019 Online entries close on: 07/10/2019

15 Dec 19 Ladies Kennel Association. Mrs Anne Griffin   Postal entries close on 7th Oct 19, online by 12 noon 21st Oct 19.