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current Breed CC Record Holder - august 2018 onwards

Ch. Faynad Frankincense (Frank) - 36 CC's

(All CC's won under different judges)

Owned and Bred by Dr George Zadeh

Colour:  Brindle

DOB: 29-12-2014

Sire: Ch Cadermist Earl of Igor   

Dam: Ch Faynad Primrose


Year   Show                                                                         Date                    Judge


1        Scottish Kennel Club                                                20th May             Mrs M Wildman

2        East Of England Agricultural Society                        8th July                Mrs S I Pollock-Yule

3        National Working & Pastoral Breeds Dog Society    16th July              Mr John Rischmiller

4        Driffield Agricultural Society                                    29th September   Mr K Dickinson

5        Midland Counties Canine Society                             27th October       Mr K R Newhouse

6        Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Scotland 5th November     Mrs Alison M Collinson

7        Ladies Kennel Association                                         10th December   Mr J Horswell    


8        Crufts                                                                    12th March         Mr C J Coan

9        Birmingham Dog Show Society                             6th May               Mr Simon Andrews

10      Bath Canine Society                                              28th May             Mr C R Hill

11      Blackpool & District Canine Society                    25th June             Sue Searle

12      East Of England Agricultural Society                    8th July                Mr Jeff Luscott

13      Leeds City & District Canine Association             22nd July             Mr Tom H Johnston

14      Old English Mastiff Club                                      6th August           Holly Scott (USA)

15      Welsh Kennel Club                                               19th August         Mr E Engh (Norway)

16      Scottish Kennel Club                                            26th August         Mrs P E M Jeans-Brown

17      Darlington Dog Show Society                               16th September  Mrs A E Griffin

18      South Wales Kennel Association                            8th October         Mr S W Hall

19      Midland Counties Canine Society                         27th October       Mrs Margaret R Bromley

20      Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Scotland 4th November     Mrs D J Mantle-Halley

21      Ladies Kennel Association                                         9th December     Mrs Linda Proudfoot   


22      Mastiff Association                                                   17th Feb 18         Mr Frank Kane. 

23      Crufts                                                                       8th March 18      Dr R W James.  

24      Birmingham Dog Show Society                               13th May 18        Ms H A Sargeant

25      The Scottish Kennel Club                                        18-20th May 18   Mrs Sue Garner

26      Bath Canine Society                                                 25th May 18        Miss Tracey Atkinson

27      Blackpool & District Canine Society                        24th June 18        Mr John A Bromley

28      National Working & Pastoral Breeds Dog Society    14th July 18         Dr David F Collinson

29      Leeds City & District Canine Association                 29th July 18         Ms E Knight

30      OEMC Ch. Show                                                     5th August 18      Janet Atkinson

31      Scottish Kennel Club                                                26th August 18    Mrs Sarah Windham

32 Darlington Dog Show Society 15th September 18 Mr J Stubbs

33 Driffield Agricultural Society 20th September 18 Mrs S I Pollock-Yule

34 South Wales Kennel Association 5th Oct 18 Mrs Deborah Peniston Fleming

35 Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Scotland 3rd November 18 Mr Joe Mowgli


36 Birmingham National Dog Show 9th May 19 Anne-Marie Class

Breed Record Holder - 2002 - 2018

Ch. Lady Lavinia  - 29 CC's

Lady Lavinia0001.jpg

Owned By Mr & Mrs Locke

Colour:  Fawn

DOB:  08-07-2000

Sire: Jengren Mr Milligan

 Dam: Ocobo Lana Regallian


Breed Record Holder - 1980’s

Ch. Hollesley Medicine Man (Ben) - 26 CC’s

Hollesley Medicine Man and Hollesley Rowella.jpg

Jointly owned by Mrs. Lloyd-Jones & Mrs. Phil Greenwell. Bred by Mrs Phil & Miss H Day.

DOB:  26 Jan 1978. Colour: Fawn

Sire: Ch. Copenore Rab (Ch Hollesley Macushla's Dagda x Ch Copenore Mary Ellen)

Dam: Ch. Devil Dancer of Hollesley, (American import Ch The Devil from Wayside x Dagda's sister, Ch Hollesley Macushla's Sheba).

All CC’s won under different judges. Winner of Crufts 3 times, (twice with his sister Hollesley Rowella in 1981 and 1982). Reserve in Group.

Medicine Man beat Ch Hotspot of Havengore from the lead position he had held since the 1950’s.


Ch Hotspot of Havengore

Ch Hotspot of Havengore.jpg

Bred by Mrs Sheerboom

DOB: 11 November 1958

Colour: Fawn

Sire: Meps Basil

Dam: Flora of Havengore