Mastiff Health Star Award Scheme

The Old English Mastiff Club and the Mastiff Association recognise the importance of microchipping, health testing and as such, want to offer  recognition for every dog/owner undertaking these tests. As a result, the scheme was designed to place emphasis on the tests being undertaken, rather than the scores achieved. Although the scores are important, especially when used for determining future breeding plans, it is considered that as a breed, we need to encourage testing as a whole, that way, we can provide a database of results and information which can be used to formulate a true picture of mastiff health within the UK.

How does the scheme work?

This is a simple scheme which involves your dog having a range of tests performed, these are hip testing, elbow grading, eye test, heart test, DNA, micro chipping and good citizens awards. The results of the tests are not that important at the moment but the collection of data is, so we are not looking for all the best results we just need the results so we can have a true picture of mastiff’s health here in the UK. So for each test your dog has done you gain a star on your dogs certificate

How do I take part in the scheme?

Its easy, if your dog has had any tests listed above they have gained a star and are entitled to a certificate!  So what we need you to do is forward a copy of your results either by post, email or by hand to the Health Co-ordinator who will be collating all information and generating your certificate.

Why should I participate in this scheme?

Firstly as the mastiff has been included in the list of High Profile Breeds both clubs are keen to show the KC that we are interested in the health status of our breed and are encouraging owners to test their dogs.  If we can show the KC this they are far more likely to consider removing mastiffs from the list.

Secondly for your own peace of mind it is useful to have these tests so that you have the information to know how best to manage your dog's health.

How much will it cost?

The only costs involved are the costs of having the tests performed and payments to the BVA where needed. There is no cost for having your dog included in the scheme or the certificates that you will receive.

Whats in it for me?

Not only to know the health status of your dog but also the good feeling you will get knowing that you have helped to try and get mastiffs taken off the HPB list!