2017 Championship Show Results

Show Date Judge Owner (DCC) Dog Owner (BCC) Bitch (CC) Reserve (DCC) Reserve (BCC) Best Puppy
Mastiff Association 18th February Mrs J Brownlee (Australia) Mr & Mrs Mckevitt Glaciers Edison The Inventor At Tyketarn
Mr S & Mrs S E Pass Quicksilver of Seven Oaks for Lygonhall
Fragilis Firework
Fragilis Goldfrapp Thomaster New Chapter
Crufts 12th March Mr C J Coan Mr G Zadeh Faynad Frankincense Mr J Opoczka Walhorna Sadie Mastineum Cwmtysswg Madoc Eliss Von Mentzel Argentina
Birmingham Dog Show Society 6th May Mr Simon Andrews Mr G Zadeh Faynad Frankincense Mr G Zadeh Faynad Black Rose Faynad Fifty Shades Faynad Don't Cha Annie Mahoostiff Full Figure
Scottish Kennel Club 21st May Change Of Judge Now Mr T Munro Mr & Mrs B & S Baker Lloyd Du Ranc De Bannes Mr G Zadeh Faynad Black Rose Faynad Frankincense Withheld Suncamo Redboo Tabitha For Womlu
Bath Canine Society 28th May Mr C R Hill Mr G Zadeh Faynad Frankincense Mrs T & Mr A Facey Hexnorden Everlong For Nordicface Darkling Muddy Waters At Hexnorden Faynad Don't Cha Annie Craiglestone Lord Thudfoot
Blackpool & District Canine Society 25th June Sue Searle 24 Entries
East Of England Agricultural Society 8th July Mastiffs will now be judged by Mr Jeff Luscott (subject to KC approval) 24 Entries
National Working & Pastoral Breeds Dog Society 15th July Mrs Hilary Cook Entries Close 7th June 2017 (Postmark) Entries Close Online Midday 14th June 2017
Leeds City & District Canine Association 22nd July Mr Tom H Johnston Entries Close: Saturday 24th June, 2017 (Post Office Postmark) Entries may be made online up to 12 noon on Friday 30th June 2017
Old English Mastiff Club 6th August Holly Scott (USA) Postal entries close on: 10/07/2017 Online entries close on: 16/07/2017
Welsh Kennel Club 19th August Mr E Engh (Norway) Entries Close: Monday, 26th June 2017 (Postmark) Entries may be made online up to midday onWed 5 July 2017 at www.dog.biz
Scottish Kennel Club 26th August Mrs P E M Jeans-Brown
Darlington Dog Show Society 16th September Mrs A E Griffin Postal Entries Close: Tuesday 18 July 2017 (Postmark) Entries may be made online up to 12 noon on Tuesday 1 August 2017 at www.dog.biz
Driffield Agricultural Society 28th September Mr S Pass
South Wales Kennel Association 8th October Mr S W Hall
Midland Counties Canine Society 27th October Mrs Margaret R Bromley
Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Scotland 4th November Mrs D J Mantle-Halley
Ladies Kennel Association 9th December Mrs Linda Proudfoot