2016 Championship Show Results

Show Date Judge Owner (DCC) Dog Owner (BCC) Bitch (CC) Reserve (DCC) Reserve (BCC) Best Puppy
Mastiff Association 20th February Ms D Mantle Halley Mr G Zadeh Faynad Ethelred Mr C Hill Fragilis Foo Fighter Gator Debra Damo Quicksilver of Seven Oaks for Lygonhall
Grangeview Walkabout in Oz
Crufts 12th March Mr B Bosch Mrs C Radony Jorgen Made Of Steel Du Ranc De Bannes Mr S & Mrs S E Pass Quicksilver of Seven Oaks for Lygonhall
Faynad Frankincense Mulaloo Midsummer Magic Faynad Fifty Shades
Birmingham Dog Show Society 6th May Mr C D Thomas Mr & Mrs M A & K Clarke Gator Debra Damo Mr & Mrs S & S E Pass Quicksilver of Seven Oaks for Lygonhall
Faynad Frankincense Faynad Black Rose Faynad Humpty Dumpty
Scottish Kennel Club 20th May Mrs M Wildman Mr G Zadeh Faynad Frankincense Mr & Mrs S & S E Pass Quicksilver of Seven Oaks for Lygonhall
Templar's Archangel For Prixcan Faynad Black Rose Faynad Annie For Ya Nanny By Heffalump
Bath Canine Society 29th May Mrs S J Garner Closing Date: Monday 25th April 2016 Online Entries at www.dog.biz: Monday 9th May 2016
Blackpool & District Canine Society 26th June Miss J M Lanning Postal entries close on: 03/05/2016 Online entries close on: 10/05/2016
East Of England Agricultural Society 8th July Mrs S I Pollock-Yule Postal entries close on: 18/05/2016 Online entries close on: 25/05/2016
National Working & Pastoral Breeds Dog Society 16th July Change of Judge John Rischmiller Postal Entries Close: Wednesday, 8th JUNE, 2016 Entries may be made online up to 12.00 noon on Wednesday 15 June 2016
Leeds City & District Canine Association 22nd July Mr J B Steele Postal Entries Close 24th June 2016 Online Closes 1st July 2016
Old English Mastiff Club 7th August Mrs E Gordon ( USA ) Postal entries close on: 11/07/2016 Online entries close on: 17/07/2016
Welsh Kennel Club 21st August Mr P Lawless Postal Entries Close: Monday, 27th JUNE 2016 Online on Mon 4 July 2016
Scottish Kennel Club 28th August Mrs B M Banbury
Darlington Dog Show Society 17th September Mrs C E Cartledge
Driffield Agricultural Society 29th September Mr K Dickinson
South Wales Kennel Association 9th October Miss M J Manfredi
Midland Counties Canine Society 27th October Mr K R Newhouse
Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Scotland 5th November Mrs Alison M Collinson
Ladies Kennel Association 10th December Mr J Horswell