2015 Championship Show Results

Show Date Judge Owner (DCC) Dog Owner (BCC) Bitch (CC) Reserve (DCC) Reserve (BCC) Best Puppy
Mastiff Association 21st February Mr G Payne Mrs K Dodd-Utting Mrs E Herring Mr J Dodd Cedwalla Country Boy by Heffalump
Mr C R Hill Fragilis Foo Fighter Alonzobar Victory for Dobunni
Kumormai Verve
Jasmine Jewel Du Ranc De Bannes At Cyberus
Crufts 6th March Mrs P Jeans-Brown Mr B Le Courtois & Mr C King Georgie Percy Brullemail Mrs L G Proudfoot Fragilis Fibonacci Series of Salforda Mulaloo Maximus at Tyketarn
Sando's Heavenly Wings of Love Glaciers Edison The Inventor At Tyketarn
Birmingham National Dog Show 7th May Miss J S Lewis 19 Dogs Entered
Scottish Kennel Club 17th May Mr K Dickinson 3 Dogs Entered
Bath Canine Society 24th May Mrs J Atkinson Closing Date 20th April 2015, Online 27th April 2015
Blackpool & District Canine Society 28th June Mr K Jarvinen (Finland) Closing Date 5th May 2015 ,Online 12 May 2015
National Working & Pastoral Breeds Dog Society 11th July Mr C Hill (Change Of Judge) Closing Date 3rd June 2015, Online 10th June 2015
East Of England Agricultural Society 12th July Mr T N Munro Closing Date 20th May 2015 Online 27th May
Leeds City & District Canine Association * 26th July Mr H D Joynes Closing Date 26th June 2015 Online 3rd July
Old English Mastiff Club * 2nd August Mrs J Brownlee (Australia)
Welsh Kennel Club 22nd August Mr P J C Radley
Scottish Kennel Club 29th August Mr J Luscott
Darlington Dog Show Society 19th September Mrs Hilary Cook
Driffield Agricultural Society 1st October Miss T Atkinson
South Wales Kennel Association 9th October Mrs Linda Proudfoot
Midland Counties Canine Society 25th October Mr F Kane
Working and Pastoral Breeds Association of Scotland 7th November
Ladies Kennel Association 12th December Mr John A Bromley