2015 Championship Show Results

Show Date Judge Owner (DCC) Dog Owner (BCC) Bitch (CC) Reserve (DCC) Reserve (BCC) Best Puppy
Mastiff Association 21st February Mr G Payne Mrs K Dodd-Utting Mrs E Herring Mr J Dodd Cedwalla Country Boy by Heffalump
Mr C R Hill Fragilis Foo Fighter Alonzobar Victory for Dobunni
Kumormai Verve
Jasmine Jewel Du Ranc De Bannes At Cyberus
Crufts 6th March Mrs P Jeans-Brown Mr B Le Courtois & Mr C King Georgie Percy Brullemail Mrs L G Proudfoot Fragilis Fibonacci Series of Salforda Mulaloo Maximus at Tyketarn
Sando's Heavenly Wings of Love Glaciers Edison The Inventor At Tyketarn
Birmingham National Dog Show 7th May Miss J S Lewis Mrs E D Norris Darkling Muddy Waters At Hexnorden Mr C Hill Fragilis Goldfrapp Enno Del Penon De Ifach Jasmine Jewel Du Ranc De Bannes At Cyberus Jasmine Jewel Du Ranc De Bannes At Cyberus
Scottish Kennel Club 17th May Mr K Dickinson Miss M J & Mr D A Manfredi Templar's Archangel For Prixcan NONE SHOWN NONE SHOWN Suncamo Doodlebug For Molossemma NONE SHOWN Suncamo Doodlebug For Molossemma
Bath Canine Society 24th May Mrs J Atkinson Mr & Mrs Mckevitt Mulaloo Maximus at Tyketarn
Mr S & Mrs S Pass Quicksilver of Seven Oaks for Lygonhall
Gator Debra Damo Prixcan Adoriata
Gator Debra Damo
Blackpool & District Canine Society 28th June Mr K Jarvinen (Finland) Mr & Mrs Mckevitt Mulaloo Maximus at Tyketarn
Mrs D & Mr G Harding Mulaloo Midsummer Magic Gator Debra Damo Jasmine Jewel Du Ranc De Bannes At Cyberus Gator Debra Damo
National Working & Pastoral Breeds Dog Society 11th July Mr C Hill (Change Of Judge) 11 Entries
East Of England Agricultural Society 12th July Mr T N Munro 28 Entries
Leeds City & District Canine Association * 26th July Mr H D Joynes Closing Date 26th June 2015 Online 3rd July
Old English Mastiff Club * 2nd August Mrs J Brownlee (Australia) Closing Date 6th July 2015 Online 12th July 2015
Welsh Kennel Club 22nd August Mr P J C Radley Closing Date 29th June 2015 Online 6th July 2015
Scottish Kennel Club 29th August Mr J Luscott Closing Date 13th July 2015 Online 21st July 2015
Darlington Dog Show Society 19th September Mrs Hilary Cook Closing Date 21st July 2015 Online 4th August 2015
Driffield Agricultural Society 1st October Miss T Atkinson Closing Date 14th July Online 10th August 2015
South Wales Kennel Association 9th October Mrs Linda Proudfoot Closing Date 28th August 2015 Online 7th September 2015
Midland Counties Canine Society 25th October Mr F Kane Closing Date 7th September 2015 Online 14th September 2015
Working and Pastoral Breeds Association of Scotland 7th November
Ladies Kennel Association 12th December Mr John A Bromley