S-Locus (Pied) Testing

The OEMC are now offering fully subsidised S-Locus (Pied) testing to full members of the OEMC and the MA, currently resident in the UK.

In cases of joint ownership, all owners should meet the criteria.

The test is a simple DNA cheek swab and provides definitive results. The OEMC are not liable for any malpractice that may occur.

Application forms are available from the OEMC health coordinator and once completed a testing kit is sent.

Results should be forwarded to the OEMC health coordinator upon receipt. Any results not received within six months of the test being sent requires the reimbursement of the cost of the test to the OEMC.

All results will formulate a register of tested dogs and their status, including any with results not received.

 The register will be available via the newsletter and the website, and will allow breeders to make informed choices when planning future matings.

It will also be an ongoing feature of the club's breed health schemes as discussed with the KC.

For details contact,

Lyn Mckevitt

OEMC Health Coordinator
















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